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Feb 8, 2013 4:00am EST
currently have to pay 50% tax, yes, on their appearance and up to 10% of their worldwide earnings following a legal victory. other sporting events, including the dhampon's league final and the olympics have also had amnesty written into their contract. if you ever wonder why your favorite athlete may not be showing up to your favorite british competition, maybe now you have an answer. >> he raced here for the olympics and i don't think he's raced here in the previous three years. >> because look, it's not just a one off winnings related to that event, but all of a sudden your annual earnings are subject to this tax? >> it's an annual appearance fee. >> it's a pretty big incentive for athletes to say, you know what? not worth it. >> we're asking do you think it's fair for athletes to be given special tax breaks? is usain worth it? e-mail us, tweet us. >> is usain bolt worth it? >> do you want to go there? do you think it's -- do you think this event is worth it, by the way, to try to do the anniversary of the olympics to remind people and keep the positive buzz going? >> yeah. it draw tess c
Feb 4, 2013 4:00am EST
instability now? >> the question is, what's the truth? we'll see rajoy's tax documents come out later this week. there is clearly a problem here. we have one senior member of the party and the significant investigation. if rajoy is removed, what is the alternative? would we go into a general election and would that alter the economic positions that spain finds itself in? some will argue it would because they don't -- take it on board, introduce the external controls and if you like wrap up the situation. so there's a bull argument within the bear argument. >> where do you fall on that spectrum? >> i think it's going to be business as usual from a political point of view. >> and do you like your investments here? >> yes, i do. >> at what point do you start to take profit? >> i think the credit markets are telling you that. i think it's beginning to say a run for the spanish bull market which could go further, but it's not the same in the last three or four months. >> there's a ten year, 5.31%. are you sticking with it until it goes below five? >> technically, if you hold rates where th
Feb 6, 2013 4:00am EST
minister's former party treasurer louis bothneth facing allegations of tax evasion linked to a 22 million swiss. it's unleashed a political storm involving rajoy who received 25,000 euros from stash funds. the passion party calling for his resignation. more than 900,000 spaniards have signed an online petition to oust the premier. joining us now is country director at which is running that petition. thank you very much, indeed, for joining us. i mean, how many people are signing on a day? >> this petition has become the fastest growing petition ever. more than 3-00,000 people signed -- 3-00,000 people signed in 12th hour. today it has more than 900,000 signatures. >> what's the history of you actually -- your petitionings actually leading to the outcomes that they are petitioning for? >> we have seen a lot of petitions asking for letters of resignations of public people in spain. we can recall the petition with more than 100,000 signatures asking for the resignation of the president of the supreme court in spain. after the position he resigned. >> right. there are those obvious
Feb 5, 2013 4:00am EST
well from refining. what stands out to you? >> actually, it's a tax. the headline number was a decent beat, 20% up on consensus. but the underlying business, the upstream was about in line. the refining and marketing with about 3% better than we had expected. but it just so happened, at the end of the year, taxes seemed to go bp's way. instead of a tax rate of around 336% to 38%, they were paying about 16% and that actually is nearly all the difference. so that is not something which unfortunately we would expect something to happen on a quarterly basis. so take the money now. it's good news, but not something that you build into 2013. >> so why is the stock up to 32%? clearly that's not an operational thing. >> you're getting a little bit of melt yumm coming back in the gulf of mexico. overall volumes were down 7% year on year. if you take out the divestment, take out psas, they were down less than 1%. if you look at the u.s. liquids production, which is a real guide because it's seasonal, that was up around 45,000 barrels a day. so you've had two big fields which started at the end
Feb 7, 2013 4:00am EST
are paying high tax. big pressure on retailers who continue to innovate whether it's in digital or promotion. who do you see out there that's doing that the best? >> we're not -- where i see product innovation occurring, i think it's with companies like urban outfitters who are transforming their product assortment. i think companies like nordstrom are doing a very good job by collaborating with companies like top shop to become younger. .michael coors continues to show the strength of having a runway of market share to grow into. and take a look at companies like phillip vanhussen, who are transforming their business here and overseas with calvin klein. >> dana, thank you very much for that this morning. people should enjoy it while they can, getting the same store sales figures. the markets are cautiously higher. dow down about 15 points. >> and it's decision time in the ecb. economists aren't expecting a change in policy, but we'll be looking for any explicit reference to the exchange rate confidence implying futures moves to weaken the euro. we just heard the ceo of daimler saying, let t
Feb 1, 2013 4:00am EST
motivation about the proposed 57% tax. >>> and we're just about two days away from one of the biggest sporting events in america. the super bowl. the baltimore ravens and the san francisco 49ers are battling it out. there will be plenty of auction off the field. brian shactman has been taking a look at the business of advertising ahead of the big game. >> everyone has their choice for what they consider a classic super bowl ad. whether you like contact, any use of the force, as well as inanment objects knowing how to get down. >> it's that kind of party. hit it. >> the super bowl is one part football, one part tailgate and one part cultural super bowl phenomenon dating back 30 years. >> when we all saw that 1984 xlushl for apple, i think that's when we really all started to loot a commercials in a different light for the super bowl. >> fast forward to 2013 and the ads are scrutinized as much as the game and the cost is enormous. mercedes benz made an eight-figure commitment and brought in super model kate upton to launch an entirely new line of cars. >> it's hard to believe there coul
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6